Timeless Vogue

All women want to look good and wish to coup with the latest fashion trends. But there’s a time when we just wake up and are clueless what to wear or just haven’t had a time to shop new dresses. Well, here’s a tip to look stylish all the time. Go timeless! Let’s take a sneak peek ideas from classic fashion icons from the 50’s or 60’s era.

If you planned to spend the day in casual wear, think Audrey Hepburn. Audrey was a fan of stripes and oversized tee. She could often be found wearing them with tights, Capri pants, and black ballet flats. The ever-classic ballet flat is not only functional, it’s comfortable. Add on hoop earrings and sunglasses during the day!

To go to the office, you may want to steal the American lady look like Jackie O. She was known for her classy attitude, and preppy style. Go with mid dresses, Sabrina neck, knee length skirts, or blouses with chic essence. The key for this look is to keep it simple yet elegant.  If you put attention to details, there were two accessories that always work best to boost her elegance looks, pearl necklace and a round gigantic sun glasses.

In terms of special evening or semi formal party, it would be perfect to look graceful but still casual. For an effortless elegant look, take a quick peek on Grace Kelly styles. Start with a cocktail dress and small belt. Pair it with some cute peep toe shoes or classic black pumps to get the long leg effects. For a final touch, put on a pair of diamond drop earrings.