Mens Must Have Wardrobes

No excuse to not looking good.
Men may complain that they have much fewer options than women when it comes to getting dressed. But luckily for them, most of their wardrobe staples just happen to be classics like these. So gentlemen, you have no excuses not to look good if you dress with at least these 5 must-have items.

Simple White Shirt
You will need a few of them since they are easy to mix and match and gives you a quick fashionably sense. Instead of ordinary plain shirt, choose the body fit shirt. Tuck them in or out depends on the occasion or your desire combine with jacket, vest, sweater, or any accessories to add some hip.

Tie and Scarf
Today’s ties have several models and motives. You can wear it as formal accessories or as an accent with your casual wear. As an alternative, you can substitute the tie with scarf. If you are  not a fashion follower but still want to look up-to-date, then scarves might be a good way to add to your outfit without committing to too much. 

You eventually want to own three suits. Your first suit should be either navy blue or gray, possibly with a light or soft chalk stripe. These colors will fit into most social settings. Your second suit should be the one you didn’t get the first time around. Your third should be black. Not for funerals, but for black tie affairs. If you work in a field where suits are the norm, you’ll probably want more than three. The conventional suit has three buttons. You button the middle, the top button is optional, and bottom to let it unbuttoned. Once you’ve covered the basics, you can move on to more distinctive suits, like unconventional colors, models, and motives.

Denim will never go out of fashion so you can almost never go wrong when buying a denim product. When buying men's denim, it is essential to get the right fit. So, whatever your style may be, make sure you are comfortable in it. Its better you have at least two kinds of jeans. One that goes for simplicity as it will never go out of fashion in a few years at least. Another one is to follow trends option.

Sneakers & Leather Shoes
As you may already know, sneakers go with casual wear while leather goes with dressier look. Be sure to find a sneaker that matches your personality. Leather shoes, suede, and distressed leather shoes go with formal occasion. But most of them are still compatible with jeans or khakis. The dressier you are the shinier your shoes can be.

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